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Eunice’s energy fills the room and I knew I had to work with her. I joined her course and she gave me all the tools and techniques to write my script - I had never written a script before - and she actually encouraged me and helped me pull at the creativity I didn’t know existed.

- Ta'She'Ana Banks
Eunice is thought-provoking and that is essential to creativity. She helps pull things out of you that you may not have paid attention to. Her screenwriting courses are super DOPE. She is there to work directly with you and gives you exercises that help you create authentic stories from the heart. If you are not working with Eunice…
- M. Viz Wiley
When I first came to Eunice,  I was totally novice. Her insight, course structure and streamlined process helped me go from a crazy idea to an actual pilot episode of a seven-part series which is currently in pre-production. The WordSmith Writer's Lab is committed to excellence in story and course delivery. I’d definitely encourage you to invest in yourself and your script.
- Lesley Martinez
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Eunice Smith is the screenwriter and CEO behind The WordSmith Writer’s Lab. Her groundbreaking competitions, The Flip The Script Filmmaking Competition and Script to Silver Screen Pitch Competition have been instrumental in connecting screenwriters to industry professionals and coveted film funding. Her immersive programs teach proven screenplay and pitching principles as well as the critical business strategies writers need to create the lucrative lifestyle they deserve.

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