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We believe you were born a storyteller; that means you already have what it takes to write well. We deliver unique writing programs that tap into the creativity that lives right beneath the surface waiting for you and the world to take notice. 

Founded in 2015 on the belief that EVERY person, regardless of circumstance, deserves to explore the creative side of life, we’re on a mission to bring great content to mainstream audiences one screenplay at a time.

We don’t just talk the talk, we are 100% dedicated to helping writers by keeping our programs and services accessible.

Come on in… we welcome you develop your screenplay and your writing life. At the WordSmith Writer’s Lab, you’re free to find what works for you.


Eunice Smith

Eunice is the founder of The WordSmith Writers' Lab and the lead creative instructor. She uses her 20+ years as a writer to coach screenwriters through development of powerful, engaging screenplays. 

As a fellow author, screenwriter and speaker, Eunice is on a mission to equip creatives with proven methods that culminate in engaging stories. She does this by pairing storytelling concepts and screenplay mechanics with her a unique, intuitive teaching style that helps writers build their confidence and their literary arsenal. 

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