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You don't have to save a cat to write solid screenplays. Follow my eight proven steps and start writing your screenplay
Secret #2: You DO NOT Have Writer's Block

Writer's Block is a huge myth meant to let you off the hook. Find out what's REALLY stopping you, jump those hurdles and get back to writing.
Secret #3: Just "KeepWriting" Is The Worst Advice EVER

Why keep struggling alone and repeating the same mistakes when your best screenplay is only eight steps away?
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14-Day Screenplay System
Yes, you can write a compelling script in 14 days or matter how many times your scripts have stalled in the past.
How We Got Here

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Just like you, I grew frustrated and fed up with the books, master classes, retreats and symposiums that made big promises but failed to deliver. I knew I was a writer deep down but I kept getting stuck.

I invested in some of the top companies and screenwriting authorities in the industry and, though I'd pick up a few nuggets, meet great people and feel so inspired, when the inspiration and excitement had died down, I felt stuck AGAIN. 

You heard that right. I couldn’t figure out how to write and that lack of knowledge led me to procrastination until eventually I didn’t believe I could write at all. What I thought was the infamous "Writer’s Block" got the best of me. 

But I couldn’t let my confusion keep me from my goal to write amazing screenplays so, I took a step back and looked at the heart of my problem - I didn’t understand how to put all the story pieces together. 

I wanted off the roller coaster of doubt so, I searched for the answers but still came up short until... One day, I mapped out a true solution. Determined to figure it out, I spent hours solving for every scenario that had caused me to doubt my writing ability. When I stepped back, I couldn’t believe I had hacked writer’s block in a few simple steps. 

Using my system, I was finally able to find my creative flow and develop solid screenplays without the stress and anxiety that used to plague me every time I sat down to write.

I went from tons of abandoned projects to writing whole screenplays in just hours. As you can imagine, at first I thought it was a fluke. I offered my program to other writers who wanted to get unstuck. And it worked for them too. That’s when I knew I had not only mapped out a method for writing screenplays, I hacked writer’s block - whoa GAME CHANGER!

My confidence shot through the roof and writers shared their testimonials - they’d written more than ever before. I was humbled and knew I had to make this available for more writers. 

I put my system to the test with a live class, Movie Maker Mondays, and the feedback was outstanding but... Coronavirus happened. 

I went back to the drawing board to answer one pressing question: How can I deliver this system without losing the richness of the in-person experience while keeping writers both safe and engaged? 

My answer...
The 14-Day Screenplay Challenge System!
What People Are Saying:
Eunice’s energy fills the room and I knew I had to work with her. I joined her course and she gave me all the tools and techniques to write my script - I had never written a script before - and she actually encouraged me and helped me pull at the creativity I didn’t know existed.

- Ta'She'Ana Banks
Eunice is thought-provoking and that is essential to creativity. She helps pull things out of you that you may not have paid attention to. Her screenwriting courses are super DOPE. She is there to work directly with you and gives you exercises that help you create authentic stories from the heart. If you are not working with Eunice…
- M. Viz Wiley
When I first came to Eunice,  I was totally novice. Her insight, course structure and streamlined process helped me go from a crazy idea to an actual pilot episode of a seven-part series which is currently in pre-production. The WordSmith Writer's Lab is committed to excellence in story and course delivery. I’d definitely encourage you to invest in yourself and your script.
- Lesley Martinez

Our Impact Programs:

Script to Silver Screen Logo
An end-to-end screenplay development pipeline that puts BIPOC screenwriters in the driver's seat while paving a direct path to film production through education, opportunities and industry connections.
Flip The Script Logo
The world's FIRST EVER immersive, LIVE broadcast rapid development experience that culminates in a showcase of short films written and directed by emerging BIPOC filmmakers.

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